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We get completely jazzed to meet and photograph people who love life & feel passionate about our storytelling. If you’ve felt a connection to our work during your visit here, then we’d be over the moon to hear from you.



Collaborating with other artists is like food for our souls. If you’d like to work together on a project, big or small, don’t be shy – drop us a line!



WEDDINGS.  You’ve been pouring your heart into creating this day. We know. A LOT of love and work goes into wedding planning. Let us help you remember it. All of it. Let us get every detail. Because it’s all part of your story. And storytelling takes time. That’s why we only offer full day coverage. TOGETHER. Photographing weddings through the years, we’ve found that you can’t rush the process. And selfishly, we don’t WANT to rush it. Because when we have to rush, we don’t create our best work. We miss things. We can’t articulate your complete story. And that’s what we want our work to cultivate.  An original. A first edition. YOUR story.  Nothing stiff or forced, but simply documenting your day by allowing it to unfold organically, while thoughtfully directing you as needed. Full day coverage begins at $2895.




ENGAGEMENTS.  These are crucial. Which is why we include them in every wedding we book. It’s a non-negotioble. This time together allows us to learn your love languages and watch you interact so that we can anticipate moments on your wedding day.  A practice session of sorts.  We’re able to get those photo-shoot jitters out of the way, so that come wedding day, you’ll feel relaxed and fully aware of our style of shooting. And you’ll know exactly what to expect as we photograph you – a no stress, hoot and hollerin’ good time. Full of shouts of joy and high kicks – mostly from me – yielding in some crazy beautiful & badass images. Often, images you didn’t even know you wanted. Engagements start at $395, but they’re our gift to you if we’re shootin’ your day. 



LIFESTYLE [family (or just because) sessions].  Your story doesn’t stop on your wedding day and we hope that our relationship won’t either.  We want to walk beside you on your life’s adventures – documenting all of your transitions and all of the everydayness. We put a strong emphasis on noticing the nuances in your relationships and make that our driving force of inspiration. Grasping for those details, those moments, found somewhere between a miracle and the mundane. Continuing to help you tell your story through photos and video is like air in our lungs. And if our paths are just now crossing, well darling, I’m glad you’re here. I can’t wait to step into our journey together..   Lifestyle sessions start at $395




BRANDS. Your brand has an identity. We love helping other artists and creatives tell the story of their business through imagery and motion. If you love what you do and want others to hear about how you can change their lives, then our brand campaigns are just what the doctor ordered. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs get their message out into the world and helping others become successful in elevating their brands with killer images and brand films. Brand stories require completely custom pricing. There’s no cookie cutter packages here, because you’re no cookie cutter brand. Gimmie a shout for details.



Babe, all of our services include digital files with a reproduction release.  Don’t worry. We know that ALL of your images are important to your story and we will never-ever make you choose only a few.

We believe in the power of QUALITY printed products.  We are passionate about getting your images off of your desktop and into your hands. Let’s give this digital age the boot and celebrate the beauty of printed images. Check out our line up of prints & products.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.  We only take a select amount of work per month so that we are able to give our very best selves to both you & your story, as well as our own.  Four babes + a creative business = a need for a killer balancing act. Because without balance, its a real three-ring circus over here.

Also, please know that we put the utmost care and love into creating and cultivating your images, as well as securing their safety. Due to the digital nature of our products & services, we do not offer refunds. You can read more about our non-refund policy here.

And please take note that by hiring us, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which allow us to use the images we snap for promotional materials and all things marketing with no further compensation to either party. 


1 Comment on work with us

  1. Sana Yared
    February 10, 2016 at 10:46 am (1 year ago)

    We are having a rehearsal dinner at Graylyn on Thursday June 16th for 3 hours.
    We are interested in having pictures taken as well as recording of the speeches.
    Please let me know fi you are interested and how much it costs.
    Than you
    Sana Yared


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