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Our wedding came and went in such an instant. I loved every moment, but before I knew it, the day was over. However it wasn’t until I saw the pictures that my emotions overcame me. Viewing the images – That was when I had my wedding.

Laura Birch – bride




HofS_circleBugg.photographer is always a joy to work with! Ashley & Jon have an amazingly creative eye for finding truly incredible moments!!! I just LOVE working with them!

Laura Marolakos – Heart of Sedona Weddings






Year after year, Ashley & Jon continue to capture the essence of our family. We see each of our children’s unique personalities come alive with them behind the camera. Whether its the twinkle in their eye or a mischievous grin, these moments are caught with every bit of vibrant life. These are the moments we treasure. They aren’t just photographs, they are a reminder of who we are as a family.

Stephanie Moore – wife & mama of four





Ashley has taken my headshots since I started my career and I am beyond impressed! She finds the “real” me in every photograph, giving me an incredible portfolio to choose from. Never in my life have I had so many compliments on an image. She has been the sole artist behind much of my professional branding and I’ve been nothing but absolutely pleased. Ashley isn’t just a photographer–she’s an artist. I don’t know what I’d do without her.
Chelsea Fine – author





I almost cried looking through their portfolio. I knew I had to have pictures of my own kids that would make my heart leap in my chest. So I booked a session with Ashley. She delivered. Six years later I can’t get enough portraits of my family, and we have albums upon albums of Bugg Photographer masterpieces!
Heather Hier – wife & mama of two





This is the most priceless thing I own. Period. It made me cry and I have watched it some 20 times. You captured us, totally! Laughing. I loved that at one point the camera jiggles and I told my mom, “That’s Ashley laughing!” I’m crying as I type. You are precious. This is precious.

Stephanie Schmidt – wife & mama of two



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