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Our goal is for you to feel something in our images. To evoke a sense of emotion. For the images to be the primary tool in telling your story.

Every wedding we shoot, we shoot together. We approach each wedding with a journalistic point of view allowing the day to unfold organically, while thoughtfully directing you as needed.

Our lifestyle shoots are primarily photographed by Ashley, with the focus being on relationships and infusing her signature style of making the everyday something extraordinary.


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Here’s the thing.  I’m a feeler.  I feeeeeeeel things.  And I put myself in your place.  I imagine my husband dancing with my girls at your wedding.  I reflect on how I caught eyes with Jon as the doors open for you to step down the aisle.  And during your toasts, I remember the words that our family spoke to us.  I put myself in your beautiful wedding shoes.  Because then I can feel you.  And it helps me tell your story.

I’ll probably cry when you and your daddy take the floor for your dance together.  I may or may not do a crazy dance to get your kids to smile.  I’ll most definitely shout for joy when I snap a frame that perfectly tells the story of a moment – high kicks included.  And if you’ll trust me, I’ll go with my gut as an artist to compose an image that grabs all that beauty that’s inside of you and your relationships.  It’s kind of my favorite when you tell me that you don’t think you’re photogenic.  ‘Cause I’ll make a liar outta ya.  E’ry time.  

Our home is full of restored pieces, thrifted dishes and the scent of Royal Apothecary’s Noble Carnation. I have virgin hair (I’ve never-ever dyed it), I wear my Grandma’s vintage jewelry on the daily, and my style is an eclectic mix of vintage, feminine, and a touch of menswear. My thin west coast blood is surely going to have a hard time adjusting to this colder eastern weather, but I’m pumped at the thought of exploring the other side of our country.


I’m inspired by cinema and often find myself dissecting lyrics to uncover the stories behind music.  Then I direct mini-music videos in my head.

I pull from this inspiration to give you images that have a cinematic quality, allowing light to leak into the frame, and your emotion to speak louder than the commotion surrounding you.  I probably won’t say a whole lot or give you a ton of direction, as candid imagery is more my thing.  I see things that Ashley doesn’t – while she’s busy arranging your bridal party, I’ll probably be snapping images of your flower girl stooped down in the grass, or catch your Grandma flirting with the bartender.  But that’s my favorite thing about how we work – we compliment each other and each have eyes on what’s going on outside the frame while the other one’s in it.

My personal style is a mix of modern refinement with a vintage flair.  Ashley refers to me as a bad ass in the kitchen and says I’m likely to give you a What About Bob dining experience.  I love building from salvage & restoring furniture to give it second life. I sort of feel like by reviving vintage pieces, we’re able to give them a chance to continue their story.  And we really like being a part of stories.

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photo of Ashley by Janelle Marina Photography.  //  photo of Jon by Sarah Bel Gray Modern Portriature

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