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pleased to meet you

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We are Jon & Ashley Bugg. High School sweethearts. Best friends.  Parents. Artists and Storytellers.

We believe in good manners and being kind.  

We spend our evenings as we believe they were intended – relaxing and reconnecting.  We have pretty strict cut off times for work and chores and find that when that priority shifts, so does our focus. We do everything we can to find time to date each other – even if that means running to the grocery – just the pair of us.

We love local restaurants & appreciate a fine crafted cocktail. Exploring our new home city of Charlotte, is a favorite for us.

We’ve been in love for more than half of our lives and have both figuratively and quite literally, grown up together.  We give every effort to grow through our experiences and choose joy in the trials, for we believe those moments to be times of character shaping.

jon and ashley bugg


We were both born and raised in sunny Arizona but just set out in June 2015 to try our west coast hands at doing the southeast coast thang in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We pretty much feel like Indiana Jones taking that giant step of faith, and identify with Abraham in leaving all that we know behind and going into a land that we do not know.

We have four babes ranging from four to thirteen. And they are the heartbeat of our lives and the muses for work.  The older they get, the faster it goes.  So we make every effort in “hitting pause” through documenting their lives and long to give you that gift as well.



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We place our hope & trust in Jesus and pray that our work is a reflection of His glory and creation. Our goal is for you to feel something in our work.  To evoke a sense of emotion and to be an instrument in telling your life’s story.  If you’re into that, then read a bit more about what we do & how we do it.

We are honored you’re here and quite pleased to meet you.

Searching for beauty & miracles in the mundane – always,

ashley & jon

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photos by bugg photographer, amy e. photography, and sarah bel gray modern portraiture 

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