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Connection.  It will always be our number one.  And we think that makes a big difference in our work.  It’s what we look for and what we long to document.  Because without spotting and cultivating the connection, you’ll fail to uncover the story.

And for us, storytelling trumps a series of perfect smiles.  Every time.

We notice.  The way you smile before he kisses you.  The way he softly touches the small of your back when your anxious.  The way your daddy looks at you, just before you step foot down that aisle.

We feel it.  We feel the connection between you and your babe.  We feel your love and it’s palpable in our work.

We see things differently.  A pile of dirty dishes.  Unkept toddler hair.  Crooked smiles and laugh lines.  There’s beauty there.  And a story – nestled somewhere between a miracle and the mundane.

And here’s the thing. We see it in you too. It would be our absolute honor to help you tell your story.

If you feel a connection to our work, and to us, then let’s go on an adventure, darling.

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